Green Gen granted IDNO licence - 9th July 2024

We have been informed that Green Gen have been granted their IDNO licence by Ofgem, link below for your reference.

Whilst we are very disappointed to hear the news regarding Ofgem granting the IDNO licence to Green Gen, Green Gen still needs to submit a planning application and go through the planning process.

2024 Election

**UPDATE - Ann Davies elected as the MP for Caerfyrddin**

On July 4th we elect a MP for the new Caerfyrddin constituency highlighted in blue in the image below.

Caerfyrddin constituency

Here is a full list of the 8 candidates:

  • Conservative and Unionist Party - Simon Hart
  • Green Party - Will Beasley
  • Labour Party - Martha Angharad O'Neil
  • Liberal Democrats - Nicholas Paul Beckett
  • Plaid Cymru - Ann Davies
  • Reform UK - Bernard Holton
  • Women's Equality Party - Nancy Cole
  • Workers Party of Britain - David Mark Evans

Below are extracts from each party manifesto regarding energy as well as a link to the manifesto. We hope you will find this information useful when casting your vote.

Conservative and Unionist Party - Simon Hart

Party View:

  • Treble our offshore wind capacity, to deliver low-cost, home-grown energy and support the development of vibrant industrial clusters in places like the North East of England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Build the first two carbon capture and storage clusters, based across North Wales and, the North West of England and Teesside and the Humber, cutting carbon and creating tens of thousands of jobs in these regions, and progress the second tranche of projects in Aberdeenshire and the Humber.
  • Invest £1.1 billion into the Green Industries Growth Accelerator to support British manufacturing capabilities, boost supply chains and ensure our energy transition is made in Britain.
  • Scale up nuclear power, building on our work establishing Great British Nuclear. Within the first 100 days of the next Parliament, we will approve two new fleets of Small Modular Reactors to rapidly expand nuclear power, create well-paid, high-skilled jobs and deliver cheaper, cleaner and more secure energy. We will halve the time it takes for new nuclear reactors to be approved, by allowing regulators to assess projects while designs are being finalised, improving join-up with overseas regulators assessing the same technology and speeding up planning and environmental approvals.
  • Deliver a new gigawatt power plant at Wylfa in North Wales and work with industry to deliver existing projects at Hinkley Point and Sizewell.

Green Party - Will Beasley

Party View:

  • Wind to provide around 70% of the UK’s electricity by 2030.
  • Delivery of 80GW of offshore wind, 53 GW of onshore wind, and 100 GW of solar by 2035.
  • Investment in energy storage capacity and more efficient electricity distribution.
  • Communities to own their own energy sources, ensuring they can use any profit from selling excess energy to reduce their bills or benefit their communities.

Labour Party - Martha Angharad O'Neil

Party View:

  • We have tremendous untapped advantages: our long coast- line, high winds, shallow waters, universities, and skilled offshore workforce combined with our extensive technological and engineering capabilities. With a serious industrial strategy and a genuine partnership between the public and private sectors, we can make Britain a clean energy superpower.

Liberal Democrats - Nicholas Paul Beckett

Party View:

  • Accelerate the deployment of renewable power and deliver energy security by:
    • Removing the Conservatives’ unnecessary restrictions on new solar and wind power, and supporting investment and innovation in tidal and wave power in particular.
    • Maintaining the ban on fracking and introducing a ban on new coal mines.
    • Building the grid infrastructure required, facilitated by a strategic Land and Sea Use Framework as set out in chapter 15.
    • Implementing the UK’s G7 pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies, while ensuring a just transition that values the skills and experience of people working in the oil and gas industry and provides good opportunities for them, and takes special care of the regions and communities most affected.
    • Investing in energy storage, including green hydrogen, pumped storage and battery capability.
    • Working together with our European neighbours to build a sustainable supply chain for renewable energy technology.
    • Building more electricity interconnectors between the UK and other countries to guarantee security of supply, located carefully to avoid disruption to local communities and minimise environmental damage.
  • Support the expansion of community and decentralised energy, including:
    • Empowering local authorities to develop local renewable electricity generation and storage strategies.
    • Giving small low-carbon generators the right to export their electricity to an existing electricity supplier on fair terms.
    • Requiring large energy suppliers to work with community schemes to sell the power they generate to local customers.
    • Reducing access costs for grid connections.
    • Reforming the energy network to permit local energy grids.
    • Guaranteeing that community benefit funds receive a fair share of the wealth generated by local renewables infrastructure.

Plaid Cymru - Ann Davies

Party View:

  • Large scale pylon developments or solar scale developments should be considered in the context of their impact, and alternative methods for linking renewable energy to the national grid should be implemented, e.g. through the undergrounding of cables.

Reform UK - Bernard Holton

Party View:

  • Scrap Net Zero and Related Subsidies - Ditching Net Zero could save the public sector over £30 billion per year for the next 25 years.
  • Scrap Annual £10 Billion of Renewable Energy Subsidies - Achieve this through equivalent taxes on them. Renewables are not cheaper. Our bills have increased dramatically in line with the huge increase in renewables capacity over the last 15 years.
  • Cheap, Secure Energy for Britain - Start fast-track licences of North Sea gas and oil. Grant shale gas licences on test sites for 2 years. Enable major production when safety is proven, with local compensation schemes.
  • Thereafter: Cleaner Energy from New Technology - Fast-track clean nuclear energy with new Small Modular Reactors, built in Britain. Increase and incentivise ethical UK lithium mining for electric batteries, combined cycle gas turbines, clean synthetic fuel, tidal power and explore clean coal mining.

Women's Equality Party - Nancy Cole

Party View:

Details on climate and energy not found, please contact us if you can add to this and provide the source of the information. This section will be updated once we have this information.

Workers Party of Britain - David Mark Evans

Party View:

  • Supports the call for a Net Zero Referendum as soon as possible to create a national debate on who profits from these targets and on what terms. We will oppose ULEZ initiatives because of the costs they impose on working households and small businesses.